Awesome Bands deserves an Awesome platform and for this simple reason, the Group's Best Live Music Bands takes Centre Stage at Jaffe Road, Wanchai in 2016. Just a few steps from the popular Dusk till Dawn, Centre Stage promises a different experience for its Patrons. Decked with Red Cushioned Walls against Black and Sliver trimmings and the Fiery Underglow from the Bar Counter, the entire space spells Sexy Danger engulfing Patrons all around. With a name such as Centre Stage, it is not surprising that the Music Experience of the Patrons is most important. The Owners engages the services of a Professional Sound and Light Company to design a system that includes some State of the Art technology to bring Patrons the Best Experience while they enjoy the crisp vocals of the Live Music Bands and soak in a Party Ambience that they will not forget. While Music is the FACTOR, Centre Stage also dishes out a variety of Wonderful Food and Drinks synonymous with the widely appreciated reputation of other Sister Bars in Hong Kong. Patrons can enjoy the limelight of the Centre Stage till late nightly, basking in the Best Presentation of the Group's Live Music Bands and Recorded Music. As the saying goes, You Ownly Live Once - let your Enjoyment take Centre Stage this time.


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